They LOVE our Headbands!


8/4/23:  I found my hair happiness!!!.....I loved my real bio hair... We all love something about ourselves...and for me it was my hair....I wore my blonde long hair in many styles and it was always play time for me........I played dress up with hair and makeup just like i did with my Barbie dolls when i got her at 7 years old in 1959 when baribie was born.....Today im 70 years old!!  My journey with wigs started this past january.  I saw a girl wearing this amazing headband on You Tube.....I had to have one. From the time i bought my 1st SqHair bands......Life was happier for me..... Sooooooo Comfy.....where the days of numb ears with the pain behind my ears and temple .no more!!  These headbands are exactly like you have a pair of sunglasses on....I gifted my sister her first  sqhair bands....and she couldn't order more fast enough!  Thank you for making these for those of us who wear wigs  & have bio hair...I always wore headbands....and suffered wearing them....Life is  different wearing YOURS!  ...What an amazzzzing product on the market...and I  smile just looking at them...I'm still a barbie girl.....and always will be.  Andy in Chicago

8/4/23: I first heard about sqhair bands from Patty on RXSTAR MOM. She rated them highly so I decided  to try a them!!! Have ordered more since then and plan on ordering them for Christmas gifts this year since our family has decided  to cut back on the amount  we're everyone's  doing. Not only makes a unique gift, but it's  something most gals don't  already have. Let's  change that. Carolyn A'  Shawnee KS

7/15/23: Just received my square hair band today and love, love, love it. So glad I found you on Etsy. Will be ordering more in the future and will let others know about your website. Sincerely,Judy C'

7/14/23: Thank you SOOO much; I received my new headbands with the patriotic headband and a bonus that is going to good use!  😊  They work so well; no headaches; easy to carry in a purse, etc. etc.  LOVE! Judy W'

6/25/23:  Julie, My sister-in-law got her gift yesterday in Arkansas and I got a text from her immediately! She loved them! My order to Louisiana arrived yesterday. I looked at them to wrap for another birthday gift. You have a wonderful product. I know my co-worker will love them too! I’m going to order again for myself! Thank you again for seeing that my order was what I wanted. Delivery went well too! Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!  Phyllis H'   

6/12/23: Julie I wanted you to know that I got my square bands today and love them!!!  I will be ordering again. They make my wigs look even better!!  Kathy K', Lake Village, AR

5/1/23: Hey Girls, I found out about your great products from a video on youtube from RXSTRMOM.  I believe her actual name is Patti, she is a gorgeous 79 year old woman in Florida who experiments with all sorts of products, testing them out and then passing on her findings to her followers.  In the latest video I watched yesterday she was wearing a really cute headband that she said you had made especially for her, so I went to your website and found all kinds of lovely headbands.  I ordered three and can't wait for them to arrive.  Good luck with your business, I'll let you know how they look once I have the opportunity to try them out for myself!  Suverne, 

3/27/23:  Received my bands today and want to give a big shout out to Julie for calling me and suggesting size 1 instead of 2 . So glad I got size 1 I will play it forward and pass the number 2 size to a person I know with a lot of hair when she receives it I'm sure u will have a new customer - they're great bands. Vickie B', 

3/3/23:  I found out about your headbands while watching Taz and her wig reviews online. She was demonstrating how they were good for people who have lots of hair, and for wearing wigs. How they just fit right in your hair, on your head just like sunglasses on your head and they don't squish your hair at all. So, I ordered three headbands in the colors I wear the most. Black, white and leopard color's I wear the most, next time will be light pink, light blue, and black with rhinestones.  Thank you for making a headband that will fit on wigs and makes your hair still look good. Janice D'

1/23/23: Hi Julie.  The sqhair bands arrived yesterday and I wanted to thank you for your personalized service and individual concern as well as for including the size 3. My husband and I were both so touched and impressed! (Just a small note - the purchase was a small birthday present to myself - my birthday was Friday.)  Libby A', Northport, NY

 1/15/23: Good evening,  I received my sqhairbands today and I am delighted with them!  As I have recently needed to start wearing wigs, I have watched many YouTube ‘wig sisters’ and several promote your wonderful product… Taz and Denise Sheets to name two.  Having experienced severe thinning and eventual hair loss over time, some wigs can appear overwhelming with a lot of hair. The bob style that I have on today has been tamed with one of your comfortable sqhairbands! Thank you!  Best wishes to you, Sharon B', Bridgnorth, WV

12/22/22:  Julie,I am so incredibly proud of you! I still wear my SqHair Bands every single day. The quality is excellent and each of the 12 bands I have is still in excellent condition! I bought most of them at a store in Fort Myers, FL several years ago - I’d never seen a headband that works so well and doesn’t “squeeze my brain”. Here’s to an awesome 2023 from a fellow curly girl (although one who has always loved and never struggled with my curls!) Sue R', Naples, FL


11/28/22:  Greeting Julie!  I just wanted to respond to you about how I heard about your headbands.After a cancer diagnosis and five years of chemo I lost almost all of my hair. I then started wearing wigs. Taz is one of my favorites as far as wig reviewers!  In several of her posts she speaks about and shows your hair bands. I love Taz and trust her opinion and have learned so much in my wig wearing journey from her. When she demonstrated your sqhairbands I saw how gentle they are on wig fibers, plus the hold. When I ordered some, I saw for myself how wonderful they are!  I love them!  Thank you for such a wonderful and nice product for those of us who wear wigs (I am sure they are just as wonderful for those who have natural real hair as well)!  I love mine!  Thank you so much!  Happy Holidays :)Nancy D', Plymouth, MI

8/8/22: Hi Julie!  Thank you for your message, sorry I missed your call and thank you for catching that.  Yes please make them all size #1 your regular size headbands.  Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t realize i chose the wrong size and I appreciate your amazing customer service!  I’m from Canada and I’ve already ordered one from to try it out and I love it!  Thank you for making such a great product.  I found out about Square Bands from TAZ.  I’ve been telling everyone about them and some bands in this order are for gifts.  Thanks again and wishing you a lovely day as well!  Virginia G', Canada

7/18/22: Hi Julie,  I just opened my sqhair bands this afternoon. Thank you so much for the surprise band! That was so kind. Guess what? She fits! The way she sits on the wig works, especially for shorter outings and I can also wear her with my bio hair alone. I love all three. You made my day :) thank you,  Carla E', Lynden, WA

6/29/22: Hi!  I received my new headband in the mail today :)  I love it ♡ as I thought I would. And another piece as a gift ! :) Thank you so much♡♡♡ I found these hairbands watching Rxstrmom Patti on YouTube.   Have a wonderful day,Anne-Marie Kä, Kemo, Finland

6/22/22: Julie, I’m just checking in to let you know that I’ve received your hairband.  I’ve been wearing it all week.  My dentist remarked that it was so cute.  I’ve ordered my second one. Good product and thank you.Deb M',  Irmo, SC 

1/18/2022: Hi Julie,  Just a short note to say thank you for your prompt shipping of my order, I received it today.  They fit me perfectly.  Your follow up phone call regarding the size and knowing your customers are spot on.  Enjoy your day.  Regards, Nancy L D', Fall River, MA 

9/22/21: Good Evening. Just wanted to say Hi 👋🏽 and thank you for the quick response to my order. Quick shipping is not necessary but appreciated. I had purchased a headband from your shop a few months ago and loved it. My friend visited and fell in love with it too. So I gave her mine and I am replacing it. It’s been my pleasure to do business with your shop yet again.  Jennifer S'

9/8/21: Hi Julie, I am beyond impressed with the care of the packaging of my order of ONE band! Wow! It came in a box actually. Of course I had to try it on right away and it is just as great as the YouTubers said it would be but looks even better in person! As a brand new wig wearer, being able to stop having to worry and have everything stay in place is truly life changing! One less thing to potentially pull on my head is so nice! I am thinking these are gonna be great for travel as well/easy to pack!  Thanks for the great customer service, amazing product and fast shipping! I could not be happier with my new SQhair band!  Laura L', Custer, WA

8/12/21:   LOVE THEM FOR  DIFFERENT REASON! ... I have a fairly extensive collection of sqhairbands, but thought you’d like to know. For most of the past year, I’ve been using them as earsavers. I just loop mask elastics around the ear piece and adjust how I place it depending on whether I wear my hair up or down.  Let’s just say, that I work in an environment where masks are required for sometimes long shifts – so I’ve been wearing my sqhairbands almost every day!
Just call me McGuyver. A sqHairband fan with a knack for life hacks!  Stephanie

7/6/21:  Thanks to SqHair Bands my birthday and Christmas shopping will be so easy this year. Yay! 😊😊 Jan C', Marianna, FL

7/2/21: Hi SqHairBands,  I just want you to know that when I was placing my order, it was hard to hold myself back from buying a dozen. I have always had fine hair and worn whatever headbands were available commercially - and they always hurt. I luv, luv your re-engineered headband! Not only are they comfortable and pretty - but so much easier to store.  Thank you for a great new and improved headband.Sandy C'

7/1/21: IT’S EYE CANDY FOR YOUR HAIR!  There are so many reasons why I like these SqHair Bands. They come in a huge array of colors and prints from which to choose—the perfect shade or print for every outfit. The white marble hairband is such a classy look. I just love it! They come in multiple sizes too. The hinges make for a perfect fit without squeezing behind my ears. And finally, the silicone tips prevent the band from moving. SqHair Bands have revolutionized hairband accessories. It’s eye candy for your hair! I just love them! Jan C', Mariana, FL

6/17/21: I just received my of 4 headbands. I love them! I  will order many more. They are extremely comfortable to wear. Normally wearing heads was impossible because I always got headaches. They are very stylish and I can match them with my outfits. And the quality of these bands is fantastic. I will make sure I buy more for presents for family and friends. Laura H', Ellsworth, PA

6/17/21: I love the square headbands so much and thank you for your guidance regarding the size.  These fit great!  I just want you to know that I follow this you tuber named rxstmom and she highly recommended the to us so I purchased given how much she loved them. Thank you so much, Rosalia B', J'ville, FL  P.S.  I will be purchasing more in the near future!

6/16/21: Received my SqHair bands and LOVE them! ❤️ Thank you for checking in regarding size/fit. I love to support independent businesses with that personal touch. I hope to order again soon!  Thanks, Mary Evelyn, Titusville, FL ... P.S. You were right - the paisley matches many colors of my scrubs

6/14/21:Hey, Love, love your headbands!  So comfortable and they stay in place!  Thank you!  Sincerely, Jane

5/24/21: Yes I doing another order.   I hope I be able to the get the flag band but doubt if I under the 100th customer.   Wanted you to know I enjoying your hair bands every day.   I order two for my niece graduation this weekend.  I do not know if I get in time.    I gave bands to my sister and sister-in-laws and all loving them.   I mostly forget I have them on until I go to bed.  Thanks for creating these bands.  I like the ones that is not so polish and shiny on top.   I found the animals prints does not have as much shiny polish on top and look very nice.     Size 1 fit whoever I give them to as well.   Thanks again!  Rita U', Clermont, FL

5/11/21: Oh my gosh 😅 I just got my hair bands today 🌈 I am so so excited about them 😇  they fit perfectly for my big head.  I am so grateful and appreciative - 65 years and finally I can wear a hairband!  Maggie, Claremont, NH

4/29/21: I just wanted to email and say that I just received my first hair band today. I am very pleased with the shipping, but most of all I was instantly in love with the product. It hold in place with ease and comfort like none I’ve tried before. Thank you so much!  Regards, Sue M', Pittsfield, ME

3/23/21: Hi Julie; I found out about SqHair Bands from Rxstrmom on YouTube. I received my order today and love them!  I'll write a review and will definitely be telling my family and friends about SqHair Bands. They're super cool, comfortable and stylish. I'll be ordering more for myself again real soon.  Raneth R', Rancho Cordova, CA

1/29/21: Dear Julie.  Just to let you know I received my SqHair band yesterday and I am so pleased with it.  Thank you so much for sending it to me.  My granddaughters are very impressed it is a real novelty here in the UK. Thank you once again.  Lynn P'  UK 

1/26/21: I love this headband!!!!!!!  Telling everyone I know about it 😁😁 Lori C', Westerlo, NY

1/19/21: Good morning, just letting you know I received my SqHair Bands this morning and I couldn’t be happier with them.  Initially I was worried that they might be like all the other headbands I have tried which would just slide right out of my fine hair.  But these just hold on and don’t move at all. They are very comfortable too.  Great design.  Very happy with my purchase even though I had to wait quite a while for them, but then these are strange times we are all living in.  Thank you so much.Kind regards, Barbara L', Melbourne, Australia

1/18/21: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Julie, as always! I love my Sqhair Bands, and love your company and customer service! These have honestly got to be the most comfortable hair accessory ever, and I love all the great colors and patterns they come in! Can't wait, Dee H'

12/28/20: Received my two SqHair bands today - 3rd order!  They are beautiful of course! I had ordered a couple a few ago for gifts, they make great stocking stuffers. The last two are MINE!!!! They are so comfortable and so very pretty. SO glad I found them. I will be ordering more asap. Lots more great colors to pick from.  Thank you for the fast delivery and for those great band.             Hope you had a great and Merry Christmas and so hope you have a Very Happy New Year with that horrible virus gone forever!  Happy customer,  Mary G', Eustace, TX

12/18/20:  Hey, I purchased 2 bands around 6 months ago.  Yesterday was the 2nd time I ordered from you.  Just this a.m. I wore my Hounds-tooth Band with red Crystal's while golfing.  It held my hair back during a very windy Golf game.  Karen S', The Villages, FL

  12/15/20: I just  love the hair  bands hope to get them all I found them on Taz's Wig closet  they are all beautiful  and so comfortable  thank you  Merry  Christmas. Linda J', Lenoir, NC

9/14/20: Dear Julie, Wowsers!  Where do I begin!?  First of all, thank you so much for the special attention to my order, making sure I got the right sizes!  I love both and they fit perfectly.  I have really enjoyed this new fashion accessory dressed up for church, or daily casual with hair up in a bun or ponytail.  I am getting ready to place a second order for a few more colors!!  They are SO comfortable! And THANK YOU for the special free band!!!  I am blown away with such kindness and customer service, and will be sending my friends your way.  Thank you so much, Julie!  Don't know how I lived without these!   Much appreciation.  Donna H', Columbus, Ohio

8/24/20: LOVE them - they are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much!  I'll be sure to keep your business cards in my purse to share with prospective buyers.Blessings, Sheri M', Greenville, SC  

7/24/20:  Hi!  I have short, thick, curly hair. When we experienced quarantine and we could not see our stylists, my hair was growing out of control! My teenage daughter rummaged through her hair accessories and suggested that I try a headband. I laughed at first because an almost 50 year old woman does not wear headbands! After her encouragement, I put one on and pushed back my curls ... and it actually made my hair look super cute!  After wearing her headbands, I noticed that they hurt. Some really pinched the back of my ears and even gave me headaches. Not wanting to give up on my new found hairstyle, I searched Google for "headbands that do not pinch" and I came across testimonials that talked about your Sq Hair Bands. Curiosity then led me to watch a Youtube review. After reading and watching, I went to Amazon (read more positive reviews) and bought my first Sq Hair Bands. I fell in love!! They were cute AND soooo comfortable. (I bought a black one with crystals and paisley colored one.)  Today I purchased four more!  I hope this information helps. Thank you for creating such a fun, classy, and most importantly - a comfortable product!  Respectfully, Elena S', Nokesville, VA

7/1/20: Hi Julie.  My SqHair bands arrived at last  in Australia – what a delight to find an extra one as well!  Thank you!  You are a genius designing these elegant yet  practical beauties, oh my goodness they are a complete game changer and they fit me better than any headband I’ve ever had. I can even wear them at the gym knowing they won’t fall off. Such a great design and will  work well on my very thin biohair and also on my wigs.  Thanks also for upgrading one of the bands to one with sparkles, so pretty.  I will definitely be back for more!  Thank you again!!  Best regards, Nicky G', Crafers West, SA, Australia

6/15/20: I am in love with these Sqhair Bands!!  They are so comfortable, they don't hurt behind my ears like regular headbands.  Thank you so much!  Kellie S', AL

6/11/20: I received the Sqhair Bands today. I immediately tried them on....i am in love. omg, i have never been able to wear normal head bands...these are amazing. will be ordering more. thank you, thank you! Wanda P', Exeter, NH

6/5/20: I received my bands today, and they are gorgeous!   I appreciate your phone call the other day advising me that you were out of the Hot Pink that I ordered, and substituting the band with the one with crystals.   I will pass your information onto my friends and family,  and let them know how pleased I am with your product and customer service. Thanks again!Sheila S', 

6/1/20: Good afternoon.  I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for my SqHair Band I love the product and couldn't find anything like them in the UK and also thank you so much for the free hair band to make up for the cost of the shipping what amazing customer service.  I have looked on your website to see if I could leave you a glowing review but didn't see where to go so decided to email instead.  Kind regards, Karen S, Todmorden, UK

5/18/20:Just got my order today, and I absolutely love these hair bands!!!   promptly cleaned my drawer out with the hair bands I had that were causing headaches every time I used them. I will be ordering more for my daughters soon! Whoever came up with this concept is a genius! Lauren E" - Abilene, KS  (headache free customer)

3/24/20:   THE SLEEPER! COULD BE "THE ONE THAT GETS AWAY" IF YOU DON'T JUMP ON IT!! :)  LOL - I hope that is the right word!! What do I mean? Well - this was my 4th band choice. I wanted something white for summer - but not just plain white - so I opted for this one. I did not figure it for a standout, rather just a white go-to band. Well, was I wrong - I LOVE IT!! The GOLD really makes it come alive and gives it great personality! It looks great on my light blonde hair. It could very well be my favorite of the 4 I bought, but then again, it's very hard to choose one over the other! The gold on this band does not seem at odds with my sterling silver earrings/jewelry - and I'm old school in mixing gold and silver. This band and my sterling silver co-exist and play very well together. These bands fit amazingly well. And, I am a new wig wearer and they fit beautifully on my wigs too! As a matter of fact, they make the wig look more real, and they secure the wig even more to my head. I highly recommend these wonderful SQHAIR bands - in whatever color speaks to you! Enjoy! P.S. Love that they feel substantial, yet lightweight and fold down like sunglasses!! And Double Love the little bags to keep them safe from scratches when being stored and it helps me keep them organized. Great service! Fast Shipping! Highly Recommend!  Deb C', Oakridge, TN

1/31/2020:  Hello.  I received my order with the two headbands.  All is fine.  I have tried them both and I really loved them.  Now I have to wear a wig, due to stress my hair is thinning a lot, so I bought 2 wigs and I am looking into toppers for Summer.  I tried both headbands with the  two wigs and they fit perfectly.  They are more then a nice accessory to me, they help to hold the hair in place and make me feel more secure.  I see  more headbands in my future since I loved them all and this was just the beginning, I already have a couple more in mind.  In a couple of weeks I  will have a get together with 2 of my best friends, I already told them about how brilliant these are but they want to see them of course so I will show them and I will recommend these head bands to anyone I know.  This is a brilliant idea. You have a great product, the regular ones always gave me a head ache, not these ones I am sure.  They are very light and yet they secure the hair really well.  I am glad I saw Jill Lynn's video, she tells in her videos how good these headbands are and she is right.  Thanks so much and I will be in touch in a near future for sure, Maria B', Toronto, ON



1/20/2020:  Hi there.  I just wanted to let you know that I have received my sqhair headbands & love them. I found about about them on Youtube thru many different videos I wear wigs & these help a lot with my long styles. Oh how I wish they were available here in the UK?????? as it does make them quiet expensive with the postage & customs duty (Not your fault I understand) I will be back though & will  order more in 1 go next time. Many thanks one again.  Samm S', London, UK

10/10/2019: I just got my new sqhairband, in the color taupe.  I'll have to order more since these are so awesome!. I'll have to throw out all my other, old school headbands since they don't come close to being this good!  Packaged nicely, it arrived in perfect shape.  I have it on right now and it feels secure and comfortable like it won't slide off.  I appreciate the updates on the delivery status too. Told my daughter about them too, and she has a 10 yr old daughter.  Once you wear a sqhairband, you're spoiled and nothing else will ever be good enough! Great product! ❤👍 Terri T', Van, TX

 9/9/19:  Hi Julie, Just to say a big thank you my sister loved the headbands excellent service.  Bev J'

8/21,2019: I love these headbands for myself however the main reason for this order is because of my step daughter. She suffered a stroke last year and has limited use of her right hand. The other day she asked for a headband and I gave her one of my SqHair bands. She was so excited that she could put it on herself without my help. So these are going to really help her out, giving her more independence. YEAH!  Amazing how the little things make such a difference. Thanks again. Patricia D', Spring, TX

 5/28/19: I love love them..ordered two and seems like one is always in my hair..other headbands give me headaches and these don’t..great design and I highly recommend..will be ordering more I’m sure!  Thanks! Rosemarie M', Mandavilla, LA

5/7/19:  Hi Julie. As I knew I would, I love, love, love them!  Not just because Taz and Jill on You Tube said I would, but they truly are so comfortable you really do forget you have it on and they really add a nice pop of color to every outfit!  Of course, I wore one to work on Monday and showed my friend and she said what everyone does, “this makes SO much sense!”  Even my husband said this!  I’m probably going to be sending these to my daughters and giving them to my friends at work!   My husband really wanted my metallic silver one, but only because he wanted to pretend to be LeVar Burton.  (This is what you do after your children move out.  This is also why they only come home to visit about once every three or four years.)  I’ve been busy every morning this week tracking down all of my old headbands and throwing them away.  I just don’t see any reason to keep those nasty old things!  I wore my Noriko Jules wig in Illumina-R today with the orange headband to match my Houston Astros shirt.  I did a written review of the wig (for CysterWigs), submitted this picture and mentioned SqHair bands in my wig review.  I have more colors to order, but I’ll have to slow my roll a little. :)  Thank you so much, Sherry P', Houston, TX

4/29/19: Hi Julie, I just received my Square Bands today and love them.  Thanks!!  I found you through 2 YouTubers (both doing reviews of hair wigs & toppers).  Saw them first watching "CrazyWigLady" and then saw them refer-enced on "Jill Lynn Beauty Therapy" .  Kathleen S', Tampa, FL

4/10/19: Julie, I received my bands today, I love them, they are perfect and I will definitely be spreading the word.  Thanks so much again.   Dawn L', Johnston, RI

3/25/19: Received my headbands and they work exactly as anticipated and wished for.  Thanks again for the wonderful service and product !!!   Most Grateful,  Salina B', Syosset NY

2/18/19: I  just love this hairband!!! AND in answer to your question... Rolltide or Bulldogs...   definitely BULLDOGS!  Thank you so much!!!  Gloria J', MACON Ga

1/29/19:  Dear Julie, I love SqHair Bands!  Just like I knew I would.  I love the colors and the fit is good.  Thank you so much for your support and your attention to sizing for me.  Honestly, that meant a lot to me.  That was so generous of you to include the free size #2 SqHair Band.  I do see the small difference and I’m so glad you helped me out with that.   I plan to tell my friends about SqHair Bands and anywhere on social media where appropriate.  Such a clever, smart idea, SqHair Bands are great! Sincerely, Diane R'  Marston, NC

P.S.  I saw SqHair Bands on YouTube, “Crazy Wig Lady” and “Jill Lynn Beauty Therapy”.

12/18/18: Ciao Julie, I just wanted to update you... I received my headbands... and I LOVE THEM!!! The colours are gorgeous and they are made so nicely. Thank you so very much!!  On another note: I looked at my invoice that was in the bottom of the box and the personal touches that you added with the heart beside the discount code and the smiley face with the sqhairband was such a nice touch. I appreciated the time that you took in doing that. I even showed my husband and he thought that it was so nice, and then his comment was: must have been a woman that did that!! ha ha ha, as if men don't do things like that!! HA HA HA.Thank you again!!  Have a great day!!  Merry Christmas Julie!! Love, Shelley D' , Calgary, AB, Canada

12/3/18: SqHair bands have become my favorite hair accessory!  I've never been able to wear head bands for more than an hour or two without feeling more with the SqHair bands.  I can wear them all day and sometimes I forget I even have one on!  I'm a wig wearer and these bands have become multi-functional for me: they give added security in holding my wig in place, they have opened up many new styling options and are great for keeping some of my longer hair out of my face.  They are such a cute accessory for either short or long hair   I can see any age wearing these.  I'm 60 years old and I think they look appropriate and are fun to wear.  Whether I'm going to the beach or out for the evening, I love sporting a Sq Hair band!  It was a wonderful, easy experience placing my order.  Thanks Julie!  I'll be spreading the word on your amazing hair accessory.  Rhonda M', Shellbrook, SK, Canada

11/24/18:  I received my first order and just love the SqHair Bands. They fit great and look wonderful. I love them so much I decided to order another one for me and my girlfriend!   Fran F', Cinnaminson NJ

10-30-18: Hi Julie!  So excited for this order! I’m especially anxious for the custom band. I forgot to put the orange one in my cart so in a few months I’ll work on another order. You will have to come out with many more patterns so I can continue my obsession. I wear a SqHair Band almost every day. They are so comfy and add such a nice finishing touch to each look. Thanks again for this wonderful product, it remains my favorite product of 2018!  I’m so excited to see how your company is growing and thriving. All my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season ahead and to an absolutely smashing 2019!  Holly K', Dover, PA

10/18/18: Hi Julie, Just to let you know... I absolutely LOVE my SqHair bands. I wish I’d ordered many more colors! Even though you were very prompt in dispatching them, their arrival was a little delayed due to U.K. Border Control (Customs) 😡 but well worth the wait... and even worth the Customs duty and Royal Mail handling fee which added £16.60 to the cost.  Ah well... I’ve got my precious SqHair Bands and that’s what counts.  I wish you were here in the UK. Headbands of all kinds are immensely popular here - I bet you’d sell lots!  Anyway, thank you for your fab SqHair Bands - I particularly wish I’d got the pink one too, cos I’m a proper princess at hear and love wearing pink!  COME TO THE UK!  All my very best to you - Judy W', Willerby, UK

10/10/18: Hi Julie.  How did I find SqHair bands?  Well, funny enough, I don't have any hair!  I lost all of my hair after going thru menopause so I wear beautiful wigs every day!  I subscribe to many wig blogs and one of the girls on there was wearing one of your headbands.  She loved them and it looked beautiful on her.  So I ordered one right away and as soon as I left the house a girl at my first store I stopped at said, I love your headband!  Well, I love it too.  It is a perfect accessory for my wigs.  I have a beautiful platinum blonde wig that will look beautiful with the white pearl headband:))  I can buy a different headband for every wig I wear, it's awesome.  So believe it or not, your headbands have the potential for a huge following with ladies that wear wigs:))  We're always looking for ways to wear our wigs the way we used to wear our hair.  Except I have many different colors of hair, and therefore need many different styles and colors of barrettes and headbands.  I just love yours because they don't give me a headache.  I hope you make even more bling ones in the future. Love, Sandy B

9/18/18:  My square bands arrived today and I could not be happier. They are beautiful. Thank you for the great product and great service. I have decided to give square bands for Christmas presents so you will be hearing from me soon. Loved the hand written note on my invoice. Regards, Linda A'

9/13/18: Hi Julie, Three times is indeed a charm. This third order was as anticipated as my first two orders and this surely didn’t disappoint. I have loved every SqHair Band I’ve received but oh my goodness this paisley one is just lovely. Hubby and I went out for dinner this evening and of course my paisley band looked gorgeous with a sapphire blue linen blouse and slacks. So cute! SqHair Bands are talked about and modeled often on a Facebook group I am a member of. I have a quick story to tell about how comfortable your headbands are. I always wear one when I do my beauty routine at night because it keeps my hair out of the way. One evening when I was particularly tired I forgot to remove it. I actually slept all night with my SqHair Band on. There is no way I could have ever done that in any other hairband. The design is just perfect and the most comfortable headband made. Thank you again for a wonderful product, quick shipping, and fabulous customer service!  Best Wishes, Holly K' 

8/13/18: SqHair Bands are Awesome, thank you so much! I heard about your SqHair bands from a YouTube video...Jill Lynn. They are wonderful. If I may, could I ask for something? I have a very petite head, and the side pieces of the band come down too far.  I wonder if it would be feasible to make some of your cute styles with shorter side pieces? Quite a few of us petite heads out here! Aside from that, I find your bands to be without equal, brilliantly designed, and so so cute! I’m especially proud that you are almost- almost a local company! Your entrepreneurship makes me proud! I can’t wait to use your discount and order some for Christmas gifts. Everyone is going to love them! Sincerely, Bonnie H', Athens, GA

8/8/18: Hi Julie, I received the SqHair Bands yesterday. What a fabulous product! Well worth paying customs charges for (and a huge thank you for the 3rd complimentary hair band). You really need to get these sold in the UK! Contact John Lewis stores who often sign exclusivity deals with smaller suppliers of niche products. I saw a lady wearing one of your bands on an Instagram account for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (which I have). Traditional hair bands haven’t worked for me as I have experimented with attaching hair pieces and I get a head ache wearing traditional ‘band’ hair bands. I have often thought about something that was similar to a pair of sunglasses and, as if by magic, they appeared! Congratulations on nailing a well designed product.                                          Kind regards, Alison W', Hull, UK

8/7/18: Thanks again Julie. I adore my SqHair Bands. They just add so much fun to my outfits. This won’t be my last order and I can tell you that this is the very best product I’ve found in ages. I am so happy for you and your success. Go Julie!!!!!  Best Wishes, Holly K', Dover, PA

7/16/18: Julie, thank you so much for everything.. you are the best and it has been a pleasure visiting with you by phone and doing business with you. Love your head bands! Jane S', TX

7/13/18:  My order just arrived! I am super impressed with the quality. Thanks for sending me the different sizes to try and i appreciate the upgrade to the opals at no extra charge.  I like both sizes... the 2 isn’t that much larger but i do like the extra bump/height. i am just as satisfied with the smaller size. Wonderful service and experience and a quality product!  Maryclare, PA

6/20/2018:  Hello Julie and team,  My SQBands arrived this week and I love them💖.  They fit my little head and thin hair just fine.... I wouldn’t want to headbang in them 😂but so far I can move around normally and my SQBand has not budged.
In fact I can pouffe my hair up at the front so it looks much thicker, and no one can see My scalp through my hairline anymore, yay 😁  Thank you so much for the free black band.  I’m going to send this review to your website too.
Have a lovely day y’all  STELLA x

6/1/18: Yes you can send the Taupe w/ Crystals in size 1.  I'm afraid I was not blessed by the hair goddesses--my hair is very thin.  I heard about your square headbands from  Jill Lynn's website and I absolutely love them.  They are comfortable and look great with my hairpieces.  I have been telling everyone about them  I will definitely buy more.   Margaret Y', Oakland, TN



5/25/18: Hello Julie,  Thank you so much for the quick shipping. I found SqHair bands on Jill Lynn’s you tube channel. I have already been telling my daughters about the bands and am sure they will order as well.  I am so pleased to do business with a fellow small business owner. I sold my business three years ago so I know how important spreading the news is for a small biz. You have my sincerest best wishes for phenomenal success and I am sure I will be a return customer. I plan on telling my stylist about your wonderful product so I’m sure she will also talk about them. I will make sure I wear one at my next appointment. 

Feel free to publish my comments. I love my SqHair Bands so much! I wore my turquoise leopard print today and it looked adorable. My granddaughter will be three in October and has a very petite head and body but as soon as she is able I’ll outfit her in a nice selection of them! This is definitely my best find in 2018 and I’m so excited to tell others about them.  All My Best,  Holly K', Dover, PA

5/24/18 (a little different but had to post this)... Dang Julie! If I would have known you were in Dothan I would have just drove up and got them (Order #3935)!! I hope these help my GF, she's one of those with really long hair so I picked a #1 and 2 just to see which would work better. She uses her sunglasses to keep her hair pulled back at work and it looks impractical to me so I did a google search and found you! We're in Panama city so not that far away! Looking forward to trying your product!  Take it easy!!  Ted, Panama City, FL

5/2018:  Hi Julie, I know my hair is covering much of it, but it’s hard to take a selfie at just the right angle. 😊 I love my SqHair Bands and hope to purchase more as time goes on.  I have purchased many headbands over the years promising to be comfortable, but they never were.  After a couple hours they were off!  My SqHair Bands are on all day with no problems!  Such a great invention!  I would love to see other prints, maybe florals, stripes or tie dye in the future.  The possibilities are endless!  I share about SqHair Bands with my friends and family.  Thanks for going with your dream!  Linda Y', Macomb, MI

4/13/2018: Thank you Julie. I am pleased with all 3 headbands you sent me. I was on vacation and just got back on Monday and saw the package.  I appreciate your excellent and caring customer service!                           Dominika L', Huntington, WV

4/13/2018: Received my headband today and love it 😍 Debra L', Leesburg, FL

4/12/18:  I LOVE the headbands!!  I hope to get more soon.. would love to see a lavender, peachy coral, and maybe some polka dot ones. :)  Thanks so much for the fast shipping, too!
Jenny J', Lees Summit, MO 

3/17/18 Julie....I absolutely love the headband with the pearls.  You did a great job.  I think I need to go back and check out the others.  Thank you so much!  Have a blessed day.  Patty R', Greenwood, IN

3/12/18: Hi Julie, I just wanted to tell you I received my order and I am absolutely thrilled with the headbands.   What a bright idea that was to invent such a product.   I can’t wait to wear them.   Real happy that the order got here rather quickly.   Thank you and I will probably order more colors in the near future.  Gisele Cote',  Salaberry-de-Valleyfield QC, Canada  Have a great week-end! 🌺

3/4/18 Hi, Julie! It's Rhonda, from middle Tennessee. I placed an order with you a couple weeks ago and I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my Sqhairbands!! I bought the Tortoise, White and Black Sqhairbands to wear with my new wigs and I absolutely love the way they accessorize my hairstyles!

I'm going to attach three photos to this email to show how I wear the Sqhairbands. Please feel free to post the pics on your website or on Facebook (if I'm not able to post).  Thanks, again, for producing such an amazing product! I love my Sqhairbands and will be purchasing more as spring arrives!
Have a wonderful day...  Rhonda, TN

2/26/18   Thanks for the message.  I received your Bands late yesterday and put one on today - LOVE, LOVE IT!!  For medical reasons from years ago, my hair really thinned out so wearing headbands helped a lot in deflecting that.  At the moment I have about 80+ bands to pick from. though some I wear more frequently then most.  Unfortunately, many of the ones I have bought over the years were WAY too tight and I ended up trying to stretch them over something to widen them or throwing them away....wasting money!  The other night I got home, pulled off the band I was wearing, started rubbing the sides of my head and started thinking - too bad they don't make bands like my reading glasses.  The glasses hold back my hair but don't give me pain.  Right then I went to my computer, typed in "eye glass headbands" and "square headbands" and your site come up!  After reading the info on your site and looking at all the different colored bands, I decided I would give them a try.  Only time will tell in the long run but I am certainly thrilled with the one I have on!!  I will keep an eye on your site in case new ones are added.  Marilyn Orange

2/1/2018  Good Morning, Yesterday, I received my order.  It is better than I expected. I have used sunglasses as a headband at night and even when it rains. I have tried various types of headbands for my long curly hair but most are too tight on my head and crush/flatten my hair. I found your website after I Googled "headbands that are like sunglasses."  Before this search, I had never heard of your product.  Thanks for making an attractive, comfortable and most importantly effective headband!  Susan R', Tiverton, RI

 1/23/2018  Hi Julie!  I love these hair bands. They fit perfect over wigs. I will for sure put the word out. Thank you so much!  Lori O', Golden Valley, MN

1/22/2018 Yay, thank you Julie!  I just love wearing your SqHair Bands with my wigs. They are so comfortable and they create such a natural looking style. I’m such a fan!  Thanks again!  Liz L', Roseville, CA

1/12/2018 I would love to tell you how I heard about you- I was sitting in the Centurion Lounge at MIA and overheard a lady one table over from me telling her friend about her hairband. She described it as the most comfortable hairband she had ever had, because it was just like pushing her sunglasses up on her head! I do that all the time and thought this was genius. She did not name a brand, so I went immediately to Google to find you. I googled "sun glass hairband" and found SqHairband.  Looking forward to my first pair!!! If they are great, I'LL be the one telling others in the airport lounge.....  Becky B', Keller, TX

12/7/17  Hello Julie,  I just received my order today and wanted to thank you for such prompt shipping and handling!  I opened the box before I even walked out of the post office and put one on!! I’ve been wearing it for about 2 hours, and so far I am loving it!!  Since you have such a fast turn around, I would like to place another order tonight and get a couple bands for a hairstylist friend of mine. I know she’ll love the animal prints! She has a bigger head than I do, and thick, curly hair. I’m thinking I should get her the size 2, but I wasn’t certain since there’s also a size 3-W that I can’t find information about on the product pages.  Wendi W', Nipomo, CA

11/23/17:  Dear SqHair Bands, I am so thrilled! My order arrived this morning and these SqHair Bands are fabulous!!! The Large (wide) fits perfectly and looks amazing, they hold my hair in place on top of all my teasing and create a soft fullness around my face. Love, love these new bands and have thrown out all my old hair bands that were so painful to wear. Thank you so much for your wonderful SqHair Bands.                                  Sincerely, Mrs. Janice S., Woodstock, GA

11/13/17: I met you at Holiday Market in Montgomery. I was with my stepdaughter, friend and her daughter.  We all bought SqHair Bands that day.  We have all been wearing them and LOVE them.  My recent order is Christmas gifts. The hot pink is for me.  I still need to order an animal print. I've watched some videos on YouTube where the animal print was advertised and have fallen love with it.   Happy Thanksgiving!                                    Sincerely,  Cathy T', Wetumpka, AL 

11/06/17: Julie,  as promised, I bought 2 more...size #1 as you were correct about my mistake ordering #2 in the beginning.  One is for me, the other is a gift. I am hoping to buy every single style you currently make. The price is good, the quality is better than I thought it would be. Hoping to do my part in making this a standard tool in every woman's beauty chest.  Thank You!  Michi

11/7/17 ***** PERFECT FIT!   Who would think a headband would make me so happy but it does! It holds my hair in place all day. I have ordered a few, 2 for me and 1 for my sister(who also loves it). I will be getting more because of all the color choices they match everything! I'm a Sqlover!  Mary P'

11/2/17  Yippy, I got my first order of your SqHair Bands today, and I just place another order for 5 more.  Now I should be set for all outfits and all my wigs.  I was like a kid in a candy shop when they arrived today. Had to go in and try them on with the difference wigs that I own.  I still have a couple more I want to check out and see how cute they are on any style and length of wig.  I wish I personally knew more wig wearers.  All the gals I know that wore wigs could not wait to get their own hair back and get rid of the wigs.  I love my wigs.  I actually spend less money now then I did when I had my hair colored and hi lighted and cut.  My natural hair is healthy and I don’t want to go back to the coloring etc.  Too hard on my hair.  I am going to be purchasing a red wig next.  I do like being able to change the color and style instantly.  My friend just paid over $300 having her hair cut and colored. She has tried on my wigs and love how they look, but is afraid they would bother her.  I guess because I had NO Hair, and going bald was not an option for me….I feel good about my wigs, they don’t bother me in any way and I know that I will not have anymore BAD HAIR DAYS.  Thank you so much for your SqHair Bands, a fun way to make our wigs look like our own hair, only better.  I wish you continued success in your business.  Thank you again.  Luann M', San Jose CA                                                          PS I went to Taz's Wig Closet on You Tube and found a video she did on using your Hair Bands on different styles of wigs.  So many neat ideas.  

10/21/17 Hi, Just wanted to say how delighted I was to receive these this morning. I have been after something like this for years. Thank you so much for popping in an extra one. Love love love!   Claire W', Birmingham, UK

10/20/17  Julie, I received my box and am so happy with my choices. I have a really tiny head so the bands will never work on my head alone but with my wigs, it works just fine.  I chose Black, Pink, & Taupe and am delighted with the versatility those colors provide.  I keep one in my purse at all times if one isn't already on my hair.  Thanks for a great great product!   I'm leaving for my cruise next weekend so these are perfect!  Zanetta B', Paris, TX           P.S.  I'll send photos or tag on Instagram when I get a chance.

10//5/17 The 2 different size SqHair Bands are both awesome. The bigger one is perfect for shower days when my hair is fluffy and full, the smaller one is for those in between days. Thanks for taking the time to work through it with me.  Kim B, Warwick, RI

10/4/17 Dear Julie, Just to say I got my hair bands and I am thrilled with them. Thank you so much. I got sent an extra one too ( I received my two, plus a lovely blue one). It was a lovely surprise. I had to pay some duty when they arrived, but they are so worth it.  I love the little bags to put them in too.  Thank you so much,  With best wishes                     Jayne T, Cambridgeshire, UK

9/7/17:   From a good Customer and Irma Storm Victim... We left Tuesday for Atlanta. You'll laugh. I picked us up in a couple hours and left almost everything. I packed all a my SqHair Bands!   Have a great day,  Sue R. - Naples, Florida

 8/27/17  Thank you Julie G! I am enjoying and workmates are liking my demonstrations! Daughter lives in Cleveland, so she hasn’t gotten hers yet. She’s really going to get a kick out your handwritten note!  Your customer service is sterling!!   Laura N', Dayton, OH

 8/24/17  I received my headbands today and I am IN LOVE with them! They are so comfortable!!  Placing another order today for my daughters birthday.  Vickey, 

8/24/17 - a funny from a new customer:  Hi , looks a great product for people who need to get their hair out of there eyes and not feel they are developing a brain tumor (brain squeeze) by lunch time. I saw the product on youtube  [sugarpuffandfluff]  and looked at your web site. Cheers Joanne, Heckington, Sleaford, UK

8/18/17  Got them today and love them! Thanks!        Andrea, York, ME

8/3/17  Thank you so very much! This is the best customer service that I've seen in a while. Now, I'm so excited about receiving my order.  Jan R. , Memphis, TN

7/27/17  Received my bands today.  Love them, of course.  What a great product.         Pam H' , Albany, KY

7/11/17  LOVE the hairband!! I have NEVER felt comfortable wearing headbands until now. They were always too snug on my hair. GREAT PRODUCT!!!! I will be ordering again. Loree J', Palos Heights, IL

7/7/17  They're (all 3) lovely  Thnx Ladies.  Caroline C., Etobicoke ON Canada 

7/6/17  Got it! Love it!  Melissa P., Burleson, TX

6/6/17  Just wanted you to know that I got the replacement headbands and I absolutely love them... they fit and that was the problem... they just weren't big enough. I super appreciate you sending them and making it where I could have the experience that I wanted with the first ones... Thanks again Kathie H' - Hillsboro, OR

 5/26/17  I previously ordered some for my adult daughters a couple of months ago but neglected to treat myself!  After seeing so many awesome reviews by my YouTube favorite beauty reviewers, I thought it was about time to get some for myself.  I saw one of the big YouTubers wearing two bands together that looked like one big one and it looked so adorable!  She put a white one and a blue one together.  Everyone seems to love them.  I drove through your area last weekend, and if I had been thinking more clearly I would have stopped and bought some in person.  Looking forward to wearing these awesome headbands!!  Leslee - Panama City, FL

5/23/17  Hi, I have received my SqHair bands today, they are amazing, I'm honestly so impressed. Can't wait to have my hair done on Friday and wear one properly. I may even be brave enough to upload one to Instagram ?  I appreciate the extra band. The customs charge was fairly high, so it offset it nicely. I wish you all the best with your business. I see you going from strength to strength and proud to be a UK supporter.  Many Thanks, Claire, United KIngdom

5/23/17  Thank you, Julie!  What a lovely and generous gesture.  I just purchased 3 more!  I'm also wearing the turquoise SqHair Band at work today, and one of my co-workers just bought 2 for her daughter (using the SEPT BEAUTY discount code).  Another lady is looking at the site right now, so hopefully there will be another sale before the day is out!  But honestly...they really sell themselves. Thanks again, and have a great day!!  Mandy, (Julie added - 'You Tube's SEPT BEAUTY')

5/16/17  Hi Julie—Have given a couple to family but they’ll need to order their own soon……  Anyway, thanks for a nice product that works well even for someone like several of your ‘reviewers’ on YouTube (like me) who must wear wigs due to alopecia or other medical issues.  The bands help give the impression of real hair and are great for keeping synthetic hair off the face or out of the eyes and allow wigs to be more comfortable and fuss free :-)  Ann, Cedar Rapids, IA

4/27/17  Thanks a million Julie!  I'll be sure to use the bands to promote the product.  I have to tell you that I'm in LOVE with these bands!  I'll have the review ready to post this Sunday. You'll be able to see that I REALLY love this product.  I'm a full time wig wearer...pesky unfortunate hairloss?.  These bands are perfect for wigs as they are gentle and secure.  I'll cc you in the video link so you can see for yourself. I expect the review it to generate some excitement among wig wearers.  Best, TAZ? Ashland, OH

4/20/17  Hello Julie and Marsha, I received my order within just a few days of ordering off of your site, and I just wanted to tell you how amazing these hinged headbands are.  They are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!  I would always wear my sunglasses as a headband to tame my thick, wavy hair, but then….I would squint in the bright sunlight because the sunglasses wouldn’t be protecting my eyes – they were holding back my hair!  Silly!  Mainstream headbands hold your hair back way too tight and personally, give me a headache because they’re so uncomfortable.  I finally said to my husband, “I wish I could find a square headband…” and there you were!  I appreciate the coupon you sent me with my order because I will be buying more!  I also will be introducing these to every woman I know, and showing my hairdresser on Saturday.  Thanks again for bringing a much-needed product to market.  Best, Jennifer L, Parsippany, New Jersey

 4/13/1  I adore this band! I have always worn my glasses on my head to keep my hair our of my face especially during the spring and summer months. I am very active and love working outdoors. This specialty designed headband is PERFECT! for what I've always wanted in a headband, Most headbands are too tight and cause pain to my head, but not yours! I would recommend to anyone looking for a headband that is comfortable and pain free.  THANK YOU! ps I wore it all day at the Zoo and had no pain... YAY Terri - South Haven, MS 

4/11/17 Hi, I am amazed at the super speedy service! I ordered late Fri night and received the following Monday!!  I love these hairbands! What an ingenious design. They are so comfy and I enjoy all the variations available.  I heard of your product from the following YouTube video - RacheWelch Straight Up With A Twist WIG Styling Ideas / SHADED BISCUIT / Fun Hair Bands Thank you!  Keep up the great work? Dawn - Mogadore, OH

4/6/17  Thank you for hairband that arrived today.  I'm wearing it now.  It feels like I'm wearing sunglasses over my head.   That's what I've been looking for instead of using my eyeglasses or sunglasses to pull my hair back.   Karen - Webster, TX

4/5/17 Dear Julie,
I wanted to let you know I received my order today. Next time I will be sure to check my
address and it does say Home.  I know I am going to love the SqHair band. I found y'all by googling headband shaped like glasses.  Thanks for your invention. Maybe you can go on Shark Tank or QVC.  Thanks again, PS: What fast service you have!! Vicki - Austell, GA


4/5/17   Hi Julie, Yes, I did receive my headband and it fits great.  I have been wearing it everyday since I received it.  It doesn't give me a headache and works just as I had hoped. I emailed my hair salon about them - we had just had a conversation last time I was there about why isn't there a headband that works as well as sunglasses.  Hopefully she will give them a try as well.  Thanks so much for your prompt and courteous service. Regards, Jennifer - Ben Avon, PA

3/26/17 Good morning from the UK
I collected my hair bands from the post office and paid a custom charge and I have to say they were worth every penny - I love them. I have worn them to work and told everyone about them.  I will be ordering more as they are so comfortable
Thank you so much.  Kind regards Mandy, UK

3/24/17    Hi Julie,  I officially love the SqHair bands!  I have never been able to wear headbands.  1-uncomfortable, 2-look awful on me.  This headband is so comfortable I hardly know it's there!  It looks great in my hair!  By the way, I am 60 years old and still have thick, long red hair so I have been looking for a headband for a long time!  Can't wait to share with my daughters. This headband is awesome!   Thank you for a wonderful product!! Belinda, Hiram OH

3/22/17   Hi Julie,  We got our hairbands!  Yippee :-)  And oh my goodness--you sent us a surprise extra leopard in bk/tan/brn!  Love it!  Actually, as it turns out, that is my favorite :-) Thank you so much for blessing me--boy did my day just brighten up!  You remind me of that verse about a cheerful giver. I cannot wait to give these to my girlfriends--they are going to love them. Blessings on you--may you find success in all you endeavor to do. Warmly,  Dee F' - Anaheim, CA "Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.  Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

3/16/2017 Hi!! I received my package today & I'm so excited to wear one tomorrow!! I definitely will be ordering more colors!! I found out about your company while I was watching the sugar puff and fluff vlog!! She had gotten several & was trying them on and talking about how great they were!! And they looked so cute on her, I just had to order!! Thank you so much for your quick shipping!! I'm totally excited about your product!! ? Jnell, UT

2/17/17  Hi there,  I am an inventor my self and love to give feedback to help drive your business. I have long hair and always feel there are no headbands that look as good on me  as my hair pulled back with sunglasses. So I thought today I would google headbands that have hair look like it is with sunglasses. A few came up, your site and video looked the most professional and similar to look I am going for. Looking forward to trying it on!:) Rachel 

2/10/17    Hi Marsha.....I first heard of your headbands from Patti Cox, Rxstar Mom on YouTube.  I have been subscribed to her for a long time.  I ordered my first two bands after watching her video.  Then another friend I subscribe to, Carolyn, msflipflopsandperarls did a video on them as well.  Since I absolutely loved the first two....I had to order  I have two other YouTube friends that have shown your bands on their videos.  I show them to everybody I see.  I was so excited to see you have added the hot pink band....which I just included in my order.  I want to eventually have one in every I am going on a cruise in May and you can believe my bands will be going with me!  I cannot thank you enough for making these...they are a lifesaver...I always had very short hair and last year I started growing my hair out and these bands are perfect for so many uses.  I turn 70 on March 5 and I can rock these headbands....they work for any age!!   Sorry this reply is so long but I absolutely love these bands.  Have a blessed weekend!  Love...Patty R.

 1/31/201  I love the hair bands and have bought several colors and styles. Patti Cox  Ailey (Rxstrmom) did a YT podcast and I fell in love with the bands. Not be mention hoe beautiful and gracious Patti is. What a treasure!  I wish you every continued success.   Miss Joyce

1/31/2017   Hi Marsha and Julie!    The headbands arrived and I am over the moon about them; they are exactly what I've been looking for!  I've always struggled to find a headband that didn't pinch or feel tight on my head.  From time to time I would use an older pair of sunglasses in place of headband just for the comfort factor.  I search for 'headbands the fit like sunglasses' when I found you online.   I've spread the word with my friends in NH and my colleagues across the country last night and today.  I think you'll probably see orders from NH and IL very soon. :) Great idea -- I wish you many years of success! Best, Kristen S, San Antonio, TX 

 1/24/17  I  found out about your headbands from a lady on YouTube. Her channel is Kaye Carter. She had ordered some and was showing them, and I liked the idea.  When I put my sunglasses up on my head, it always looked better than when I put a headband on, but the sunglasses tended to fall off if I leaned over.  This looked like just what I was looking for. Thanks, I hope they do as good as the seemed and looked. Marguerite P

Hi! Here's my testimonial gladly given!  Just a few days ago I typed "square headbands" on the internet since I loved the look my glasses gave me while wearing them on my head. I was THRILLED to see this site and immediately placed an order. I received my basic black SqHair band today and LOVE  it!!!  I will definitely be ordering more.  Thanks, ladies! Sarah - Lexington, KY

Hi Julie, Received my hair bands and they are fabulous. Thank you! Lynn :-)

1/5/2017  Hi!  I found your website using a Google search. A friend gave me one of the headbands for Christmas and I decided that I needed a couple more. My friend learned of the headband from her sister who lives in Charleston, SC. Best, Tracy - Tampa, FL

1/1/2017  Welcome 2017!  It's gonna be a REVOLUTIONARY year for SqHair Bands!!! Julie & Marsha

12/29/16  Hi! Thanks for the incredibly fast shipping! I actually came across one of your bands at Northport Pharmacy in Northport, Alabama when I was visiting family. I thought they were cool, because I'm always grabbing my sunglasses to keep my hair out of my face, when I don't want to do a ponytail, even when it's dark outside! I loved the one I purchased when I was home, so I ordered these for myself, a family member, and friend!   Thanks!  Kassie, Ft. Riley, KS

9/15/16 This is post gym hair! Have had them on for hours. No headache and although they don't feel tight, I'd have to experience an exorcist moment for them to fall off! Great product. Talk with you soon. Thanks  - Michelle J. Atlanta, GA

8/25/16 Hi Julie, I am so very sorry that I never got back with you about the headbands. We were out of town for several weeks and I'm sure your email got overlooked.  I am enjoying the SqHair bands and I actually wear both of them, just depending on the hairstyle of the day. ?   Thank you very much for sending both of them.  It was very generous of you to do that.  Thank you again. Linda, Ooltewah, TN 

7/30/16. Got  mine today!! I ordered 3 because i have wanted something like this for sooo long!! Its a headband that fits just like sunglasses. Oh my word!!!! Absolutely the BEST thing ever!! So comfortable!! I'm sooo excited about these! And Julie George is the BEST!! Check these out and get yours now!! I will be ordering more! Jennifer C, Chandler, Alabama

6/18/16 Julie, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the hair bands. At first I thought the bigger one would work the best but the Abby (Size #2) does the best for my hair. So despite the big head, my thinner hair needs a smaller one. It works really well as far as holding my hair back with the soft look of sunglasses. I have really been talking up the head band and handing out the cards you sent. I believe I will order another solid color also.

Thank you so much for sending both sizes and I will do my best to help you sell your great product! Good luck! Shelli K', Springfield MO

6/14/16  I received the headbands and think they are wonderful! Not only do they hold your hair securely away from your face, they don't squeeze your head eliminating any headaches! I agree that the Abbie/Medium is a better size for me. Although the Morgan/Large is comfortable, it is not as secure because the prongs are meant for hair that is much thicker at the top of your head.  I will be happy to talk about them to friends, family and people I have hair discussions within my travels. Thanks again! Helene         Andover, MA

I just received my headband and I love the way it fits and looks on my head. I want to order more of them. Thank you for the quick shipping and great product. Roberta D’ – Glendora, CA

Hi Julie! I received the head band yesterday…..that was so fast....I loved it!!! Will definitely be ordering more! Cynthia B – Warwick, RI

OMG!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for existing!! I have been buying and using sunglasses as a headband for my thick curly hair for 3 years!!! I didn’t know your product existed and even thought of customizing my own type of thing similar to your headbands!!! So difficult finding a durable well hinged arm that can take the abuse of day in and day out wear! Plus the arm length isn’t always perfect which makes holding during activity awful! I am ordering 2 right away! T. Smith – Pedro, CA

The SqHair Band sits on my head from dusk until dawn and it doesn’t pinch, hurt or put an ache anywhere on my head or ears. For two days I have worn it nonstop and I have even worn it during two exercise classes and not once did it slide off. I have yoga tomorrow and that may be a different story as my head will occasionally be upside down in ‘downdog’ but I have every confidence it will stay on during the rest of class. The little ‘teeth’ hold it in place very nicely. Sandi H – Omaha, NE

Love my SqHair Band!  I am going to tell my Hairdresser about these; she'll love it! Paula R – Lafayette, LA

Thank you, Julie!!! Loving my Houndstooth SqHair Band! Works like sunglasses except even better! Roll Tide! Susan M – Montgomery, AL

Can I just tell you how much I love these headbands!!! I am sooo happy you included the Abbie because that one fits the best!! I am so happy and they are so comfortable!! I PLAN ON PUTTING ANOTHER ORDER IN TOMORROW! My mornings just got so much easier. :) Awesome! Heather S – Chelsea, MI

I found you by doing a google search for a headband that works like sunglasses. I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait to try it out. Typical headbands just never work. I’m glad I did that search. Susan M

Hello Julie,

I’m so sorry I didn’t let you know by now – I got my SqHair Bands on Saturday!! Just in time for the long, hot weekend. And I love them! I never would have believed you, but the Abbie size does fit. The Dani is definitely large, but not unusable. I’m going to keep that one tucked away in the pretty red bag and it can live in my purse. I am telling everybody I know about these brilliant headbands.

I have used sunglasses as a headband for years, but now that I have had to trade in my contacts for glasses (yuk), I just can’t get away with the sunglasses look anymore. But I also don’t always want to have to deal with pulling my hair back into a barrette. I want my sunglasses back! Now that it’s hot and sticky out, I had to do something. I found you by first Googling “headbands for a large head” and only finding cloth kerchief-type head coverings. I then tried “sunglasses as a headband,” because as we all know, sunglasses ARE the best headband. (WERE the best!) is the fist link that comes up, showing as an advertised link. You also show up 3 links down. Intrigued, I clicked, and I’m so happy.

Have you been on QVC and all the “best new thing” spots? How long have you been around? This product is brilliant – thank you very much for creating it. I will slowly increase my collection, and any time I visit a salon whether it’s for myself or my kiddos, I will mention your product.

Thanks again, Christine L. – Holyoke, MA