Meet Julie, Owner.

Well, SqHair Bands have been in the making for a LONG time – in my head …and on my head! As you know, millions of women have been wearing ‘modified’ SqHair Bands in their hair for years. They just look a little different and they are called Glasses and Sunglasses! Yes, we all know that our hair looks so much better pulled back loosely rather than with a traditional uncomfortable headband which makes hair often look like it is in a VICE!

How it started.

  • It all started with a curl!

    It all started with a curl!

    Out of 8 children, I was the one cursed with the unruly CURLY hair. I started with one curl … and a twin brother, Chip.

  • The Curls Never Stopped!

    The Curls Never Stopped!

    In fact, they began to multiply and tighten which created a nightmare for me … and my mother. However, she had a remedy. Cut the curly mess every 3 weeks and maintain at a 1 (ONE) inch length … for 13 years!

  • Big Hair and Big Curls!

    Big Hair and Big Curls!

    Then, it only got worse. I was allowed to grow my hair out. It was awful as I tried to BRUSH IT OUT! We all know (now), NEVER brush out natural CURLY hair!

  • Finally, a better solution!

    Finally, a better solution!

    Fast forward a decade and thank the Lord for better ‘Curly Hair’ hair products, Hot Rollers, Curling Irons, and later…the ‘Godsend’ of all – the Flat Iron and Blow Out treatments!  

I still needed more assistance with the frizzy, curly, thick hair - especially with the high humidity in the south.

Thankfully, I soon stumbled upon the use of Sunglasses to hold my hair back and I actually looked better with them in than out on many days – especially on hot, muggy, summer days. I had to wait until the cold, dry winter months for my hair to behave before I could go without my makeshift 'square' headband.

I had wanted to manufacture a hinged headband for about 15 years but could never find the time to until now. In 2014, I was blessed to be able to sell my business of 30 years. Thus, now the entry into the Headband market in late 2015. A best friend of 35 years, Marsha Kitchens, has joined me in following my dream. Please join us as we enter into a new Head Band Revolution with the introduction of SqHair Bands!

Meet Marsha

For many years, I have witnessed my long time and best friend, Julie George, struggle with the woes of unruly hair and her many attempts at conquering it. Many years ago, she shared with me her idea of a unique headband that could not only tame a bad hair day, but could also serve as an attractive hair accessory adding style and glam to your beautiful tresses. Thus her idea of SqHair Bands was born.

A head of thick, straight hair...

Growing up, unlike Julie, I had a head full of thick, straight hair, and my only options to dress it up or adorn it were to wear it in a ponytail or pulled back with an uncomfortable, tight headband. I too discovered using my sunglasses as an alternative to a headband. My sunglasses held my hair back in a loose, attractive style, and best of all, it did not press my hair down flat or hurt behind my ears. Unfortunately, this solution was not appropriate for professional office attire or for transitioning into the evening. I felt that I looked silly with my sunglasses on my head in the office or at night! You can only imagine that upon Julie sharing her idea of Hinges with me how excited I was.

Julie and I shared her dream for years, but never had time to devote to making our dream come true. Now, at the end of long standing careers for both of us, we finally have the time to make our dream of launching SqHair Bands a reality!

Thus SqHair Bands was born! Whether you want to tame or add style and flare to your hair, throw out those tight head bands and JOIN THE HEADBAND REVOLUTION!