SQHAIR BANDS are HINGED HEADBANDS that fit like Sunglasses on your head...but feel better!
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This Summer, to be 'SqHair' is to be Sexy!  Sport a SqHair Band and Voila' - No more Bad Hair Days!  They're Headbands that Fit like Sunglasses!  Get FREE SHIPPING on 3 Bands in U.S.  Saves you $4.98! (Int'l customers save $4.98 off your 3 band order). Use Special Offer Code:  3SHIPFREE  
A note from a happy customer that joined the New Headband Revolution!  
"I adore this band! I have always worn my glasses on my head to keep my hair our of my face especially during the spring and summer months. I am very active and love working outdoors. This specialty designed headband is PERFECT! for what I've always wanted in a headband, Most headbands are too tight and cause pain to my head, but not yours! I would recommend to anyone looking for a headband that is comfortable and pain free.  THANK YOU!  Terri - South Haven, MS                                                                                                                                     ps I wore it all day at the Zoo and had no pain... YAY" 

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