The Best Unique GIFT Ever for the money this Holiday and FREE SHIPPING!

Hello and Happy Holidays to you and your Hair!  Yes, I said your Hair because we have the perfect Gift for your Hair and for all your Friends and Family's hair too!  If you haven't already heard about SqHair Bands, they are a Functional, Fashionable, and Comfortable HINGED Headband!  If you don't have one yet, you gotta buy a couple of these 'gifts' for yourself for (and then add to your SqHair Band wardrobe later).  

SqHair Bands make the perfect Unique and Affordable gift for most any woman because they're not only a Headband but a Fashion Accessory too!  They look great inserted into a short Hair-do for a spot of color to tie an outfit together!

Now through Dec 31, get FREE SHIPPING on one or two SqHair Bands and pay just .99 cents for each additional band!

Happy Holidays, Julie G' and Marsha K                        

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