Life sends us Curves!

Hello to all of our Customers as well as Future Customers!  It has been way to long since I posted; I basically just stopped in my tracks in 2018 when we were thrown a curve - when my husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia ... the most aggressive form of Dementia and he was only 64.  But Hey... we are still here - Glory be to God! We take Day-by-Day and live in the Present as each day is a Present from God.  

With that said, SqHair Bands has still been blessed over the past 5 years with large Sales increases every year.  My 'BABY'  is about to become a TEEN! Much of our success is due to our beautiful You Tube Ladies that LOVE and talk about our SqHair Bands on so many occasions.  Please checkout these women; they help us so much with Sales.  Mondays are always especially busy due to shopping online - weekends! ;)  Lee actually comes to work with me every morning and helps make our shipping boxes and helps handle delivery to USPS.  Our time together wherever we are is very important and still very special.

As we grow, we are making more fun Band Plans for the year.  We have 2 very beautiful Summer Bands Coming Soon by popular Customer demand ... Coral and Lime. :)  We have also picked up a trendy new 'Demi' band - a spin off a Tortoise / Giraffe combo and a B/W Checkerboard print ...Classy!  And lastly, we have a gorgeous Breast Cancer Awareness Band for October and a beautiful Christmas Plaid that will be here for the Holidays! 

So stay tuned with our e-blasts and we'll talk soon!  Julie G'




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