Three Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas With SqHair Bands

Has Halloween crept up on you yet again? SqHair Bands are here to help! 

We've compiled a list of three chic and easy Halloween costumes that you can pull together with items you already have in your closet! All three looks use our highly popular black solid-plain SqHair Band to show how versatile it can be!

All items are shoppable via the links under each graphic. 

1. Cat Burglar

 halloween costume

SqHair Band, Top, Jeans, Gloves, Cat Ears, Pearls

A cat burglar is the fanciest kind of criminal. This all-black look combines class and sass, and the turtleneck + black skinny jeans combo will keep you warm on this chilly Halloween week! That clip-on cat ears add a punny spin on the costume, and make sure you pile on the jewelry—cat burglars are all about the bling! 

2. Holly Golightly

holly golightly costume

SqHair BandSunnies, Gloves, Pearls

Speaking of classy, is there a more chic fictional character than this Breakfast at Tiffany's leading lady? Grab your prettiest pearls, cutest LBD, and your fave SqHair Band to rock this look this Halloweek!

3. Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf costume

SqHair Band,  Flats, TopSunglasses, Knee-highs

You know who would lovvvvve SqHair Bands? Blair Waldorf, duh! Blair's style is classic, preppy, and posh, which vibes well with the SqHair Bands aesthetic. To pull off Blair's signature look, channel her Gossip Girl uniform with some feminine accessories and her go-to knee-high socks. 

Did you like this Halloween SqHair Bands post? What are you dressing up as this year?

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